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* We have been providing NDT services since 1974. Initially we were in ULTRASONIC (UT) field and immediately we started other methods MAGNETIC PARTICLE (MT) & LIQUID PENETRANT (PT). We set up EDDY CURRENT (ET) facilities in 1990. Initially we purchased 4 frequency 4 channels simultaneous injection ect MAD8D Eddy Current System (see detailed specification of this system) manufactured by Eddy Current Technology Incorporated (USA). We procured another four frequency eight channels eddy current system ect 48 (click here) from the same manufacturer.

We are one of the leading service providers in "Eddy Current Testing of Heat Exchanger tubes". We have facility to test non-ferromagnetic & ferromagnetic tubes (in-service-inspection of installed tubes) for detecting wall loss & surface / subsurface defects. This technique has vast applications in aircraft industries to test components. We have well experienced ASNT Level III & Level II qualified engineers / technicians.

We are proud to mention here that for any unconventional, unusual, odd & critical testing jobs, all our clients confidently approach us and we always fulfill their requirements successfully.

* We conduct NDT training courses & examinations to qualify successful candidates as ASNT Level II &/or ISO 9712 Level 2

* We provide consultancy in setting up facilities in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (UT, ET, MT, PT, VT & RT) & Destructive Testing (Mechanical Testing & Chemical Analysis) as per clients' requirements; our scope of work will be procurement of equipment, training technical staff to prepare test procedures / carry out tests/write reports, and certifying successful candidates as ASNT Level II &/or ISO 9712 Level 2.


to detect internal flaws in materials like bars, plates, castings, tubes / pipes, weld joints, etc. This technique is used in heavy industries, onshore / offshore platforms, refineries, fertilizers, etc.  Equipment we have : Krautkramer(Germany), EEC & Modsonic (India)

for finding out actual thickness of plating and knowing original thickness, reduction in thickness can be found out. This technique is useful tool in shipping industries to find out diminution of plating thickness and also in onshore / offshore platforms to find out rate of corrosion of piping & other structures. Equipment we have: Krautkramer (
Germany), Pulsecho & Modsonic (India). We were approved by Indian Register of Shipping and American Bureau of Shipping for carrying out ultrasonic thickness gauging of ships / vessels. 

Tubes of Steam Generators & Heat Exchangers
 are tested by Eddy Current to find out surface / subsurface defects on OD / ID and wall thinning. Defective tubes can be plugged or replaced to avoid leakage. We have two equipment: model ect MAD 8D (four frequency & four channels) & ect 48 (four frequency & eight channels) manufactured by Eddy Current Technology Incorporated (USA) which are the fastest & most accurate equipment available in the world. Our ET team comprises of well experienced ASNT Level III qualified NDT engineers assisted by ASNT Level II qualified technicians. We are confident in inspecting nonmagnetic as well as ferromagnetic tubes, straight & bend portions. This technique is extensively used in fertilizer plants, desalination plants, & petro-chemical industries.

This technique is used to find out surface & subsurface defects in ferromagnetic materials. This is very important technique for detecting very fine cracks (e.g. fatigue cracks) during "In-Service-Inspection". Equipment we have : Magnaflux, Magnafield (

used to detect surface defects in non-porous materials. Equipment we have :Magnaflux, P-met (India).

used to carry out visual inspection of un-accessible areas e.g. to study condition (corrosion / erosion / scales / cracks) of heat exchanger tubes / pipes (ID more than 6 mm) from inside. Equipment we have :Vardhan (India).

used to take metallographs at different locations to study metallurgical changes. Equipment we have :Vardhan (India).
in setting up any metallurgical testing facility as per clients requirements & training/qualifying their technical staff to carry out the tests.

We conduct courses and certify successful candidates as ASNT Level I / II and /or ISO9712 Level 1/2 in UT/RT/PT/MT/ET/VT.


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